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4-14-10: My Day With ZE:A and The Polham Happy Promise Campaign

I got to meet & greet ZE:A!!! T'was one of the best days of my life!!!

I know I'm 3 days late, but I've spent the last couple days editing my pix, uploading my videos and writing this entry (on MS Word) and just fully recovering after feeling so jittery, hyper and ghjfjfdhdffhsda. If you're on Empire Children, more than likely you've read my account, but my report has been modified a bit! It'll be long, detailed, spazztastic, and full of photos and videos!!! [Yes, it'll be photo heavy!!!]


For those of you who are fairly new to the ZE:A fandom, still struggling to match names with faces, and/or don’t even know who they are, I’d suggest going to their pimp posts made by leap4detonation!

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Well Wednesday I went to the Polham Happy Promise Event where 4 ZE:A members (Junyoung, Kevin, Siwan and Heechul) were present! Please do expect the entry to be long and detailed as much as possible, but it’ll try to keep it short and sweet! (I can’t promise you though.)

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In all, Kevin, Junyoung, Siwan and Heechul are a bunch of sweethearts! Being able to spend time with them made me love them as well as ZE:A as a whole! I honestly wasn’t expecting to even see them let alone meeting them & hanging out with them a little! It felt so surreal! I’d never imagine myself ever meeting ZE:A and I was truly surprised that of all places they’d come to Claremont! Not only were they uber sweet, but also they were so much more handsome in person! XD~~~~~~~

As for their English: Kevin's was obviously good and I felt that conversational-wise we clicked the most! I didn't get to talk to Heechul much! Junyoung and Siwan spoke broken English, but I was rather surprised that Junyoung talked to me a lot and kept coming to me considering the language barriers.

I’ve been asked by some of the members from Empire Children if the guys were tall. I didn’t really notice that much. Heechul and Siwan seemed short to me while Kevin and Junyoung were a bit taller, but not to my standards. :P I have to add that the boys, especially Junyoung smelled so good! It must be either his cologne, body wash or both, but HOT DAMN!!! XD~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I’m very glad that I was able to see ZE:A during their brief stay in Claremont! That day was one of my best days and biggest high lights of this year! It’s hard to put in words how overjoyed and excited I was that day! I really hope to see them again soon and next time I hope the rest of the ZE:A boys can come along! :D

The Rest Of The Polham Happy Promise Campaign Parade Photos (66 Photos Total!)

My Videos Posted Here all thanks to leap4detonation! :D

Whew!!! What a fucking awesome day!!! hdgfjkdhsfkjsgskjd I so wished I could've stayed longer as originally planned (and maybe perhaps had lunch with the boys like RosieGaga and her friend did-lucky chicas!), but Nommie wasn't too far away and he ended up picking me up. I took him to the park where ZE:A were at, but to only show the instruments. Mind you Nommie hates my Kpop addiction, and it' been so awkward having him around while seeing or perhaps meeting ZE:A. D:

Anyways, if you read it all, much love and thank you. I apologize if it's uber long, but with events like that, it was expected! *gives cookies and cupcakes*

Have a wonderful day! XD

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